About Russell

Russell was born in south Wales in May 1985, when he was five we moved to Buckinghamshire and he attended Little Kingshill School, followed by Holmer Green Upper School.

At 18 he started working as a landscape gardener, and turned out to be very good at his chosen profession. He took pride in his work, always striving to get things exactly right. In the year before his death he was planning to learn joinery; his grandfather had been a carpenter and he always wished to follow in his footsteps.

Russell had a love for music, he played various instruments while at school, finally settling on the guitar. He would spend hours practising the same tune over and over until he got it right. He also loved animals, especially his dog Callie, a little white Staffie.

Russell was only 28 when he died, far too young, but hopefully through this page and his friends and family, his memory will live on.

We hope that if you find this page, and then read some (or all) of our posts you will find out what Russell was like, and why so many people miss him so much. You can also find out more on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Russellspostcards/775783132447004


We also hope that if anyone else goes through a similar tragedy, reading  our stories and memories  may help them to look positively towards the future. If you enjoy reading our posts or have any comments, please let us know.

Thank you,  Russell’s family and friends.



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