Russell died in an accident at work in June 2013. Later that year we planted a tree in his name, with a stone saying “LIVE FOREVER, RUSSELL”  On his 29th birthday we organised a postcard tribute, a postcard for each year of his life, left by family and friends. On the first anniversary of his death we organised a “Buy a drink for Russell Day”, we had friends and family from USA to Japan remembering him and celebrating his life. We also started this blog, to help keep his memory alive through stories from his friends and family.

Russell was an amazing person, he loved being with friends and having fun, but was also the person you turned to first if you had a problem.

We hope that if you find this page, and then read some (or all) of our posts you will find out what Russell was like, and why so many people miss him so much. You can also find out more on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Russellspostcards/775783132447004

We also hope that if anyone else goes through a similar tragedy, reading  our stories and memories  may help them to look positively towards the future. If you enjoy reading our posts or have any comments, please let us know. He will always be missed, and never forgotten.


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