It is now that time of year when we begin to look back on what has happened in this year and look forward to the next. Each year that passes takes us one step further away from the last time we saw Russell but that doesn’t mean that his memory fades; as long as he is in our thoughts he will be with us for ever.

2015-10-25 14.47.35

In February we had the inquest into Russell’s death; this answered several questions but also left us asking more. We were told his accident was totally preventable. That made it more difficult to understand why it happened. In March we planted another tree in his memory, and soon after it was covered in the most beautiful blossom followed by a few fruits. Buds are appearing on the branch tips now. so hopefully another there will be another host of flowers in a few months time.

In May Russell would have celebrated his 30th birthday, we raised a glass to him as we remembered the last birthday we celebrated together. We thought about his hopes and plans for the future that never happened. In August, while on holiday, we left some postcards in his memory. One was found by a civil celebrant who is going to pass on the postcard idea to other bereaved families.Maybe one day, one of us will find one of their postcards.

Ten days ago, we were in court, another traumatic experience having to relive the events of 18/06/2013 all over again. We were asked to write statements for the judge, explaining how we felt about the loss of Russell. How can you explain what it is like to lose someone so special to a person who, hopefully, will never experience this? One week later was another anniversary, exactly two and a half years since Russell died, and coincidentally four years since he collected Callie from Battersea. Callie was our Christmas present to Russell, we are so pleased she made him so happy while they were together.


As Christmas approaches we are hoping that there will be more donations to our just  giving page in Russell’s memory. Many thanks to those of you who have already donated, and if not there is still time, just follow the link below and help a homeless person enjoy Christmas in Russell’s memory.


Thank you and Happy Christmas





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