May 2nd 1985
May 2nd 1985

Tomorrow, May 2nd would have been Russell’s 30th birthday, so it has been a week of memories, both happy and sad, and wondering how he would have celebrated this change of decade. As it is also a bank holiday weekend, I cannot imagine that the celebrations would have been restricted to just one day, so I will be wearing a different band t-shirt every day, and invite you to do the same.

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Earlier this week we had our whole-school photograph, and as I was shivering in the wind, waiting to be positioned on the staging (short people go last!) I thought back to the 1991 Little Kingshill whole-school photo. Russell often used to unroll it and have fun looking for his friends and laughing at some of the funny faces that some kids will always do for these photos. It is a lovely reminder of the 6-year-old Russell and his school friends; and yes, some of you reading this are in that photo. So it is also a reminder of what good lasting friendships he made at Little Kingshill School. Maybe I should buy a copy of this week’s photo to remind me of friends in years to come.

I have also been thinking of Russell’s last birthday, we surprised him with a birthday meal; I remember him being so happy that evening, he was really touched that family and friends would do such a thing for him. I am so pleased that his last birthday celebration was such a happy one, just a shame that we didn’t take any photos. However, we do have photos of many of Russell’s earlier birthdays; some of them will be on the Facebook page tomorrow.


Then last year we had such an amazing response to the postcard tribute, with so many of you joining in to leave a birthday message for others to find. So, please try to remember his birthday tomorrow. If you have one, wear a t-shirt featuring one of his favourite bands (the list is in last week’s blog) and wish him a very happy birthday, and don’t forget to post a photo on the Facebook page.

happy birthday



2 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. I’m stumped for words , but my eyes fill up as I can only imagine how you both must feel x

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