After a week’s break we are back with an update on the postcards. It was at this time last year that we were busy writing all the postcards that you helped us distribute on Russell’s 29th birthday.

the postcards we left last year

After the amazing response we have had from this tribute over the past year, we have decided to make it an on-going thing. So, while we were on holiday last week we left five more postcards at places we visited to leave a small reminder of Russell for others to find.

We have revised the wording on the postcards and will include it here, just in case anyone would like to leave a card when on holiday this year:

This card is left in memory of Russell, who died in an accident at work in June 2013 aged only 28 years. We are leaving a small reminder of him everywhere we visit. If you find this card please get in touch via our Facebook page – Russellspostcards. Tell us where and when you found the card and include a little bit about yourself, please include a picture. Then leave the card somewhere else for someone else to find.

With your help, memories of Russell can spread around the world and we can help Russell LIVE FOREVER. 

Thank you, with love from …..



So, where did we leave them? We tried to choose places that would have a link to things that he was interested in. The first one we left in the hotel; there was a library where you could borrow or leave books, so we chose a book with a title that reminded us of him and left a card inside.


The next one was left at Nizwa Fort, built in the 17th century and a reminder of what life used to be like in days gone by. The fort has a huge tower, 30m high and 36m diameter with an attached castle. From the top of the tower there are fabulous views of the town and its mosque and souq, and the castle is a labyrinth of rooms, passages and staircases. We left the card in an alcove in one of the castle walls.

Nizwa Fort
Nizwa Fort


Remembering how much Russell enjoyed haggling over the price of anything, we just had to leave one in a market, so we chose Muttrah Souq, where we also enjoyed the bargaining for souvenirs; we left the card wedged into a crack in a stone bench at the souq entrance.

the souq entrance
the souq entrance


Card number four was left at one of the best places we visited, Wadi Shab. We hiked about 3km up the wadi, a narrow ravine with almost vertical rock walls. Along the trail there are deep pools in the rock and stunning scenery. It was here that the Red Bull 2012 cliff diving final was held, and we saw some intrepid locals jumping off the cliffs into the pool below. We left the postcard in a crevice in one of the huge boulders by the side of the trail, hopefully to be found by someone who enjoys the outdoor life.

Spectacular scenery at Wadi Shab
Spectacular scenery at Wadi Shab
cliff jumping at Wadi Shab!
cliff jumping at Wadi Shab!


The last card we left in a notebook in the airport shop, thinking that whoever bought the book would probably transport it many miles before they discovered the card, and so would take a memory of Russell to some faraway place.

postcard inside, I wonder where its going?
postcard inside, I wonder where its going?

We hope that if these cards are found, the finders will get in touch. If you are going away this summer, please try to leave a card for Russell to help his memory LIVE FOREVER.


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