Firstly, I would like to say thank you to everyone who joined us last Saturday to plant a new tree for Russell. For those of you who were not able to make it, sorry we didn’t see you but hopefully you will be able to go and see the new tree next time you are in the village.


Having spoken to several friends over the last week, we all have a better feeling about this tree. It has been chosen by us and does not come with any “baggage” attached. It is also a much more hardy species than the last one and doesn’t mind growing in a clay soil, so fingers crossed!

Planting Day started cold and dull, but bang on half past two the sun came out to help us start the planting, which didn’t take as long as last time, and then we all went off to the Full Moon to celebrate. As last time there were about 45-50 of us, and if I didn’t get round to thanking you for coming, I will say it again. Thanks so much for continuing to remember Russell, it means so much to us.


The new tree needs to be watered in regularly now, so if you see John and I pulling a trolley-load of water around the village, we haven’t gone senile we are just looking after the tree. Hopefully the leaves will burst from the buds very soon and if we are lucky pretty white flowers and fruits will follow them. Kaley suggested we make some “Russell Jam” with the fruits, sounds like a good idea providing we can get to them before the birds do, apparently they are very tasty for the birds. Later in the year we plan to plant some more spring bulbs to add to the crocuses that survived last winter’s deluge, and hopefully the tree will take to its new home on the common, it is certainly looking good at the moment.

DSC01736       DSC01721



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