IT’S SNOWING!!!! (well it was earlier in the week)

As I write this there are still a few patches of snow in the garden and a coating of frost on parked cars. We haven’t had a proper decent snowfall yet this year – one that involves a “snow day” off work, but there is still time.


The first good snowfall when Russell was young was in the winter of 1991; we were living in Wychwood Rise at the time, so the best tobogganing field was at Frith Hill. That year the snow came at half term so there was the added bonus of no school. So, as you can imagine, the major part of that week was spent whizzing down the hill towards the by-pass; trying to go faster than your friends and trying new tricks such as standing up on the toboggan all the way down without falling off. We would return home each afternoon, tired, wet and hungry and looking forward to the next day in the snow (yes, the mums all joined in the fun as well).


Russell did suggest that we could try tobogganing in the back garden, but that was strictly forbidden; anyone who remembers our garden will know that it was extremely steep, with the opportunity to take off at speed and hit the house somewhere near the top of the kitchen window, probably involving a lot of damage and almost certainly a trip to A&E. So the garden was reserved for building snowmen.



After we moved to Gt. Kingshill, Frith Hill was still the place to go for tobogganing, but now there was also the field between Pipers and Hatches Lane, again, very steep and great fun.


Russ snow1

As Russell got older, less time was spent tobogganing and more time was spent giving “helpful” advice of the best way to get down a hill on a dodgy piece of plastic. There was also the concussion he received when he “slipped on the ice” – that’s the official story. I suspect that most of the ice was inside a glass!

DSC01572 DSC01574


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