Today marks one year since Russell’s funeral; those of you who were there will remember that we asked you to share some of your memories with us in the ‘Red Book’. What you wrote made us cry with tears of both sadness and laughter. I remember saying last year that it was impossible to talk about Russell for vey long without laughing at one of his antics, and that is still true one year later.


We are now going to share again some of the tributes and memories you wrote in the book and on Facebook; please accept our apologies if we miss out something you said, there is not room here for everything, but we’ve still got it all in the book for you to come and read or add to if you wish.

So, in no particular order……

I’m just trying to get my head around this awful news, which has left so many people devastated – but every time I think of you, I can’t help but laugh….which is totally inappropriate! But then that was you down to a T, completely inappropriate, but such amazing fun!

I feel sorry for people that never got to meet you, but I feel proud to be able to say I did.

Mate, I am seriously going to miss you.

My first love and my best friend, I will never ever forget you.

The Kingshill legend – love you mate.

I’m so happy that the best week of my life was spent with you…

It has been a privilege to be your friend..

Be awesome sunshine, you did everyone proud.


One of the most inappropriate lippy people I’ve ever met, but so much fun, you’ll be missed.

Mild concussion from where he spun on a bar stool and fell off into a TV unit, and then used vodka to stop the bleeding……

You got rid of the infamous SPIDER!!!

I like you Russell, always have, always will! You rock my world!

…the guy who would do anything for anyone…

I hope I can live just a few days as you lived every one of yours. To the full!

….the electric guitar version of the National Anthem….

You have never failed to make me smile, and I will go on smiling whenever I think of you, missing you, love always.

Will miss you dearly but I know you will ‘Live Forever’


The stories are endless, the adventures were epic.

Trusting him to use the jukebox and ending up with an hour’s worth
of Oasis.

Russell was the person you wanted by your side when the chips were down…..

Wish you could see how many people will miss you mate, Sweet As!

Russell, you are our Supernova, our Champagne Supernova

Russell was never one for a goodbye. Most evenings after a few pints he would ‘do the off’ as we liked to call it. This would involve leaving through a toilet window with a locked cubicle behind him, through back gates and sometimes over fences, but this time he really has done the ultimate ‘off’, and left us with some special memories of a very special person.


Reading through all this again one year on makes us realise just what wonderful friends Russell has. It must have been so difficult for some of you to write those words but in doing so you really made a difference. And we must also say a special thanks to Kaley, Joel, Ben, Tom, Alex and Chris for the tributes you gave on the day.

But as we read the book, the overwhelming message is one of you all having so much fun, so many laughs and good times. None of us know what is around the corner, but at least Russell managed to pack in so much living into his 28 years. Make sure you all do the same!

photo 2


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