Russell Fest

Welcome to the second post on Russellspostcards – although it has already diversified somewhat from the postcards theme. Today I would like everyone to know just what a great group of friends Russell has.

What better way to spend a weekend – sunshine, friends, music, a couple of beers  – that’s Russell Fest! Organised by Ben – a way for us all to get together to celebrate Russell’s life and also getting through that first year without him.

Friends started arriving mid afternoon on the Saturday to have a chat, a drink and a game of football; a few of us spent the afternoon in slightly more cultured surroundings at the open-air Shakespeare performance in Beaconsfield, and so met up early evening. By that time the party was in full swing and it was great to meet everyone and swap stories of who they had bought a drink for earlier in the week and how that had turned what could have been a terrible day into such a positive one. There’s nothing like making someone else happy to get through a tough time.



On Sunday we all (well, nearly all – there were a few sore heads that morning) met up again around midday, this time with Ben’s barbecue, and spent a lazy afternoon chatting, playing football and barbecueing. the weather was perfect – warm and sunny, and a few more friends that hadn’t been able to make it on the Saturday came along. We all agreed it was such a positive way to remember Russell and plan to do the same next year.


Well, what else has been happening? If you have been reading the Facebook page you will know that many people have enjoyed a drink for Russell – we gave out over 100 drinks tags and many people made their own. Drinks have been given as far away as Missouri, USA and Cape Town, South Africa. That’s about half way round the world! This weekend, John and I gave a tag to a friend who was visiting from New Zealand, so I think we can confidently say that this is now a global phenomenon.

We have received so  many messages from people who have found postcards, bought drinks from others and received drinks from others, we have made new friends and revived old friendships – this is the legacy Russell has left behind – he has opened our eyes to just how many genuinely nice people there are in the world.

Well, what next? We are continuing the postcard theme over the summer; this open to anyone who would like to join in. If you visit anywhere that sells postcards – museum, theme park, art gallery, seaside town etc just buy a postcard and write your own message for Russell. Don’t forget to include an email/Facebook address for reply. Then leave it anywhere you like and se what happens. If you get a reply post it on the Facebook page or email to

This weekend also marks another annivarsary – on 5th July last year we said goodbye to  Callie, a fantastic, friendly cute little dog. We bought her for Russell christmas 2011, and they were inseparable – we hope they are together now going for long walks and  chasing sticks! there  will be a special tribute to Callie on the Facebook page on Saturday – thanks to Sarajane and Louise for lots of photos.



2 thoughts on “Russell Fest

  1. Well this has made my day! I found out at 9am this morning that I am expecting a baby girl, which made me feel emotions I have never felt before. ironic really, cos russel was a friend who when alive, was a stand out personality who was a pivotal part of a friendship group, but when he left, I felt emotions I never knew. Great fest, great friends, great family, sweet as. Live forever

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