One Year On

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It is one year ago today that Russell died in a work related accident; this blog is a way of keeping his memory alive for all his friends and family, and hopefully as inspiration for anyone else who is unfortunate enough to lose someone close to them.

This is not a blog to make you feel sad, it is for happy memories of the good times and a way to move forward with those memories. It is somewhere to share your stories of Russell, somewhere to pass the message on that there can be life after death, “LIVE FOREVER”.

Over the next few blogs we will be letting you know what we have done so far and how we hope to move on in the future. For those of you that didn’t know  Russell we will be posting photos and stories. We hope that, like us, your tears will turn into laughter as we share the good times. We would like you to get in touch and give us feedback and ideas; maybe you have a story you would like to share with us.

But today, we are launching “HAVE A DRINK FOR RUSSELL” its easy and  fun. All you have to do is buy someone a drink to remember Russell today, take a photo and post it on our Facebook page – Russellspostcards, or Twitter –  @Russell_cards.  Include a few words about who you bought the drink for and where etc., we will try to reply to all the posts we get. We will publish some of the best stories here.


One thought on “One Year On

  1. I could leave a long list of days where all your friends and family have missed you this year or share one of the many numerous hilarious anecdotes going around including you and your antics. I have a few myself going right through from a tiny blonde haired boy at Little Kingshill to more recent times. I shan’t as there will be plenty of people testifying to your unforgettable character. I will just simply say that the world has less sparkle, humour and fun now that you are no longer in it. Thanks for the fun times. x

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